[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge 11/13: 151 Raptors inc 2 Goshawks & 69 Shoulders

Ryan Maclean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 20:38:17 EST 2014

Just when we thought the Red-Shoulder factory might have slowed down
production, we were proven wrong. With today's 69 new additions, we are now
at 823 Red-Shouldered Hawks for the season. That's almost double our
previous record of 437! Kettles of 5-10 birds continue to stream by us in
almost Broad-Wing like fashion with the occasional Red-Tail joining them.
In one small group of 2 Shoulders and 2 Coopers, a Goshawk decided to join
in and nearly dwarfed the Coopers. At one point it even dove on a Shoulder
(which also appeared slightly smaller than it). That and an additional
Goshawk have luckily brought our numbers up to 5 for the season. With some
snow possibly accumulating tonight and temperatures dropping, we may be in
for an interesting (but cold) next couple days. Time to break out the warm
jackets folks!

November 13th 2014

Turkey Vulture: 41
Bald Eagle: 3
Sharp-Shinned Hawk: 9
Cooper's Hawk: 7
Northern Goshawk: 2
Red-Shouldered Hawk: 69
Red-Tailed Hawk: 17
Merlin: 1
Peregrine Falcon: 1
Unidentified: 1
TOTAL: 151

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