[CT Birds] 14 Hamden Eagles

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Sun Nov 16 14:39:54 EST 2014

Hi Folks. After Church and Dunkin Donuts (Sun 11/16/14) this morning, Pat
and I counted 14 perched bald eagles in a "snap shot" at about 10:20 AM.
There were 6 perched in trees around the tidal pond at the bottom of Edmund
St Extension, 4 in trees separating the tidal pond from the main roost and 4
in the trees across from the WB Mason warehouse on State St. Last evening,
we saw a true demonstration of the fish in the Quinnipiac River when a
single first year bird got 2 fish in 10 minutes and no one tried to steal
them. Regards, Mike Horn, Hamden, CT

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