[CT Birds] Few birds around New London ferry nov 16

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 19:39:26 EST 2014

Nov 16, 2014. 8am ferry round trip from New London CT, to Orient NY, and
returned back to New London at noon.
overcast. winds west 5mph, occasional gusts to 10mph. 40F air temp. 45F
water temp SST. water calm.
We wanted to check the bird activity along this ferry route prior to the
LIS Bird Count starting in two weeks on Dec 1st, through Jan 4th.

Very quiet morning on LISound, with few birds and few species. Only a few
small fishing boats, around each end of ferry route. One navy submarine in
mid-sound was the most exciting species seen! One Herring Gull dove down
and pulled an eel out of the waters at the mouth of the NL harbor, flying
around with it dangling out of its bill. The only noteworthy bird was one
American Coot calmly swimming in the middle of LISound, and seemingly
healthy, although there was one Gr. Black-backed Gull swimming nearby
ominously. Of course we looked for alcids, jaegers, kittiwakes, etc, but we
found none. Species listed in ad hoc order:

CT waters:
Common Loon, 24, mostly within one mile of shore.
Red-throated Loon, zero.
Scoters, zero.
No other waterfowl species seen.
AMERICAN COOT, 1 swimming in middle of LISound.
Gr. Black-backed Gull, 10
Herring Gull, 20
Ring-billed Gull, 5
Laughing Gull, 1, in New London harbor.

NY waters (almost all birds within half mile of shore):
Gannet, 1 adult, flying north of Plum Island.
Common Loon, 4.
Red-throated Loon, zero.
Long-tailed Duck, 15.
White-winged Scoter, 40.
Harlequin Duck, zero seen from ferry, although 1 has been around Orient
Point this month.
Double-crested Cormorant, 20, around rocks at Orient Point.
Waterfowl too distant to ID, 100+ (many beyond the rocks at Orient Pt.).
Buteo, 1, soaring over Plum Island.
Gr. Black-backed Gull, 10.
Herring Gull, 20.
Ring-billed Gull, 5.
Laughing Gull, 1, near Orient Point.

Jay Kaplan and Tom Robben.

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