[CT Birds] Possible Pacific Loon in CT

sean at seanmurthaart.com sean at seanmurthaart.com
Wed Nov 26 13:36:26 EST 2014

Yesterday around lunchtime I observed an unusual Loon in Greenwich harbor that struck me as neither Common nor Red-throated.  It appeared too small and lean for Common and too strongly marked for RT- but I only had binoculars and it was quite distant.  I noted a strongly contrasting dark hind-neck with white throat, an overall dark head with a pale cheek, creating the dark "necklace".  I suspected Pacific Loon but before posting I wanted some other opinions.  A few local birders looked and Stefan Martin got some fuzzy video of a suspicious bird.  Reviews of the video are mixed but there is enough of a possibility that I feel I should post this, just in case.  
The bird was seen from Steamboat dock, at the end of Steamboat Road off Arch street in Greenwich.  I saw it at high tide, across the harbor in front of a property undergoing extensive construction.  I was unable to relocate the bird today, but conditions were pretty miserable.
I'm far from certain about this ID, but it may be worthwhile keeping an eye out.
-Sean Murtha


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