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This report appeared on Rachel Farrell's Rhode Island bird report last night:
From Geoff LeBaron. 11/24:
The bird I saw at Point Judith just after
noon on Monday was an Atlantic (or Western) YELLOW-NOSED ALBATROSS.  My
particular concern was the size vs. the boatloads of gannets present,
but as the bird was flying up the bay outside of where the gannets were
feeding, and given that Yellow-nosed are within the same size class
birds as gannets (this surprised me, but it's true) my gut feeling was
 - Black-browed Albatross would indeed be larger (I've seen hundreds of
thousands of them in my trips to the South Atlantic; only perhaps
thousands of Yellow-nosed) and I'd forgotten that the Yellow-nosed are
significantly smaller than the Black-broweds.  Also, the bird I saw was
very white on the under-wing; as I had remembered the Black-broweds are
considerably darker under-winged.

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