[CT Birds] Stratford R-L Hawk

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I have an album on Facebook where I posted a couple pictures. I'll look into some other sites, but let me know if this link works. I like this group; I just started getting into birding this spring through my friend and this is a great way to find new birds and places to birdwatch. 


I'm in Windsor, but get down to Stratford and Milford quite a bit. 


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Great bird! 

To share photos with the list you need to put them somewhere on the web and post the link. It seems like every birder uses a different web site for their pics. 

Roy Harvey 
Beacon Falls, CT 

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I saw the snowy owl about 230. Three jettys down from the west (?) end of the long beach parking lot- towards Bridgeport. Have pictures. How do I share them with the group? 

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Nearly clipped a l.m. Rough-leg with my car by Sikorsky Airport on Lordship blvd! 

No sign from the parking lot at Long Beach of a snowy owl...too cold to walk out and four people and an equal amount of dogs heading out weren't good omens either. 

Julian Hough 

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