[CT Birds] Haddam Shrike

bob at macdonnellphoto.com bob at macdonnellphoto.com
Sat Nov 29 14:57:45 EST 2014

After more than 2 hours searching along with several others, I got a  
brief view of the Northern Shrike at Haddam Meadows State Park just  
before noon. I was in the silo parking lot about to give up when I saw  
it fly from near the entrance, possibly from across Route 154, east  
across the open field to the top of a tall tree along the river. It  
perched briefly and Dan Rotino was also able to see it before it flew  
to another tree top and then took off to the north and across the  
river and out of sight. It was only in view for a minute or two.  
Perhaps it's frequenting areas outside the park, which could account  
for the very sporadic sightings.

Bob MacDonnell

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