[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge 11/29: 107 Raptors inc. 1, 000th Red Shoulder for the season!

Ryan Maclean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 21:09:59 EST 2014

While yesterday was supposed to be our last day of the season at Quaker
Ridge, a phonecall from Stefan Martin telling me he was seeing many
migrating hawks over downtown Greenwich (including a possible Goshawk) made
me jump in the car and get down to the watch as soon as possible. Literally
the moment I put up my binoculars I had atleast 5-6 hawks in my field of
view, and yes they were Red-Shoulders. 62 Shoulders were counted today,
bringing our yearly total to an absolutely mind-boggling 1,046 Shoulders!!
While I need to do more research into other hawk watch sites' historic
totals for Shoulders, this could one of the highest if not record autumn
Red-Shoulder counts for the east coast (although several historical records
for spring watches such as Braddock Bay are higher).

Besides Shoulders, 27 Red Tails today brought their total up to 526, our
best Tail total since 1995. 2 Bald Eagles and several Sharp Shins also
added some variety to the Buteo dominated flight. Although Quaker has
traditionally ended on November 20th every year, this trend of hawks
migrating much later into the season + this boom in Red Shoulder numbers
have proven that we need to extend the watch to the end of November from
this point on.

November 30th 2014
Turkey Vulture: 10
Bald Eagle: 2
Sharp-Shinned Hawk: 4
Cooper's Hawk: 1
Red-Shouldered Hawk: 62
Red-Tailed Hawk: 27
Unidentified: 1
TOTAL: 107

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