[CT Birds] Christmas Bird Count

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Sun Nov 30 16:44:48 EST 2014

Dear Connecticut Birders:

There are now many new birders who read this list serve, and it is quite possible that some of you may not be familiar with the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) period that officially begins exactly two weeks from today on Sunday, December 14th.  The Christmas Bird Count was begun during the administration of Theodore Roosevelt as an alternative to what was then the "Christmas Bird Hunt."  The CBC is the longest-running of all citizen-science, participatory birding activities and a great deal of historical information can be gleaned by going to the web site of AUDUBON (the National Audubon Society), the organization that coordinates all CBCs.  The Count is, by virtue of its longevity, a valuable tool for mapping population trends at this season.  Concerns about such species as ruffed grouse, American kestrel and others becomes apparent by looking at CBC results over the past decades.  Over 2,000 CBCs are conducted nationwide and there are numerous Christmas Counts held in Connecticut over a four weekend period - very possibiy one in your area.  A full listing can be found on the Connecticut Ornithological Association's web site along with dates and the compilers for each Count.  I urge many of you to consider participating this year.  There is no charge to do so and you will be making a worthwhile contribution to Connecticut's ornithological record.

Best wishes for the Holiday season,

Jay Kaplan, Co-Compiler of the Hartford CBC

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