[CT Birds] Fw: [MASSBIRD] Sandhill Cranes - Another chapter

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 30 21:42:19 EST 2014

Steve Mirick posted this to several New England listservs and with his permission, I am reposting it here.  I assume that many on this list will find this interesting.
Glenn WilliamsMystic
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Sandhill Cranes - Another chapter
I've revised my map to include the sighting of 24 Sandhill Cranes 
migrating through Philadelphia yesterday.  Fascinating to be able to 
follow a single flock of birds as they've moved from Maine through 


And the new details
29 Sandhill Cranes in Norridgewock, Maine on November 20.  Louis Bevier.

24 Sandhill Cranes in Hampton, NH on November 27 (about 11:30 AM) Mike 
Thompson & Jason Lambert.

24 Sandhill Cranes in Newburyport, MA on November 28 (about 8:10 AM)  
Derek Lovitch

23 Sandhill Cranes in New Haven, CT on November 28 (about 2:00 PM) Dana 
Campbell et al

24 +/- Sandhill Cranes in Philadelphia, PA on November 29 (about 10:15 
AM)  reported on DVOC page

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA


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