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Thanks for posting that Glenn, but the  question that stands out to me, is 
the flock numbered 24 in Mass, but only 23 in  CT, and then 24 again in PA - 
where was little orphan Annie?

Julian Hough  
New Haven, CT 06519 "

Julian, I see that the report from Philadelphia says 24 plus or  minus, 
which I assume means the observer wasn't sure of the count, so it could  have 
been 23, obviously, if that's the case.
However, having seen the Mass report shortly after our sighting  (someone 
sent it to us), we also wondered what happened  to the other  bird.  Of 
course we didn't know then there would be another report of  "24".
Dana Campbell and Jim Cortina both counted 23 at least twice,  and I 
counted 22 twice, though the second count was when they were far and going  away. 
So I am fairly sure there were no more than 23 when we saw them. And  that's 
most certainly the correct number for us. (We were the only 3 people  
there, and we all had them in our scopes).
However, though I don't know the habits of Sand Hill Cranes  that well, if 
they act at all like Canada Geese, we often see  a straggler  or two trying 
to catch up with the flock. If that had been the case with 1 of  the cranes 
we would have been very unlikely to ever have seen it,  since  they were 
very high and very far away when we first sighted them, up against a  high 
cloud bank. We were, of course, concentrating on watching the  flock.
If the Philly report is by any chance incorrect, one bird could  easily 
have dropped out  between Mass and New Haven, since it is not  unusual to have 
sighting of 1 or 2 birds in Ct. I'm just sorry they weren't seen  farther 
west in Ct, either that afternoon or the next  morning.
Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct  
mntncougar at aol.com


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