[CT Birds] The missing Crane

Dana Campbell dana.l.campbell at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 15:17:49 EST 2014

Don, et. al.
My theory is that there was one crane below the tree line.  We often
complain about how tall those trees to the north are growing.  They obscure
a lot.  I would bet that there was a low bird who was invisible to us as
they went across the north sky over the tree tops.  That bird could have
rejoined the flock as they went across the harbor.  They were temporarily
obscured from our vision a couple of times by trees.  I believe my last
count was taken when they were closer to us, over "the humps" (the oaks to
the north of the watch site.)  We watched them skirt the west side of the
harbor, but I did not bother to recount at that point, and they were much
farther away.  You can only report what you can see!  Personally, I am just
relieved that the 24th bird had not fallen to some hunter between here and

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