[CT Birds] Fwd: [BRDBRAIN] Canada Goose at Gibsonton, 14 Dec 2014

Joe Zygala shilohdad01 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 07:49:06 EST 2014

I saw this on the Florida list. Does this look more like a Cackling Goose than a Canada Goose??? The fact that it was not much larger than a Mottled Duck and the blocky head shape with stubby bill make me wonder. The CBC team that found it said, "It seemed to fall within the range of variation shown by a 1st cycle parvipes Canada Goose, sometimes called Lesser Canada Goose, though I tend to avoid that name since it originally also included taverneri Cackling Goose."

I am not enough of an expert on separating small form Canada's from Cackling, so would appreciated hearing any comments.

The original post was from Bill Pranty. I tried forwarding the message with the photo attached, but it was too big, and I could not delete the darn thing properly, so have deleted his message and am sending this. Here is a link to the photo that I added to my Flickr photostream:


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