[CT Birds] Westport CTWE CBC Summary

Mardi Dickinson mardi1d at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 12:54:32 EST 2014

From Mardi and Townsend Dickinson:
12/22/14 - The 68th Annual Westport CTWE Circle Christmas Bird Count took place on Sunday 12/21/2014. Good weather lent a helping hand and over 40 individuals contributed sitings. We have one participant who noted that this is his 60th consecutive Westport CTWE count and we also have a growing gang of enthusiastic young birders who made a significant contribution to the count this year. Our thanks goes out to all who participated. Highlights included Bald Eagle, Northern Goshawk, Eurasian Widgeon, Northern Shoveler, Greater Yellowlegs, American White Pelican, Great Egret, Western Palm Warbler, Orange-crowned Warbler, and the unofficial total stands at 120 species. Incidentally a Snowy Owl was seen from within the circle on count day, but the location was deemed to be within the Stratford Count Circle and is not recorded in our totals.

Mardi and Townsend Dickinson
Westport CTWE CBC Co-compilers
Norwalk CT
mardi1d at gmail.com

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