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I'll see if I can help: When you drive into the park and  follow the road 
to the end you have to turn left and the boat launch  is in front of you. 
Parking there. Directly opposite the boat launch at the  other side of the 
grassy field (Where you make the left turn) there is a narrow  grassy road or 
corridor with a yellow gate. This narrow path goes across what I  would call a 
brushy swamp, to the other side, where there are railroad tracks.  The 
"swamp" is probably 150 yards wide. However, I noticed that on the RR side  
there is a sign that says "no fishing".
It certainly doesn't look like it to me but I presume the swamp  area is 
the "fish hatchery". I saw nothing that said that, and I have no idea  how 
Howie would know it, but he seems to know the area so I presume he  does.
Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct 
mntncougar at aol.com  

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> I looked back at  an earlier report of this bird from the same person.  
In that report the  location was "by yellow gate into fish hatchery opposite 
boat launch."   Using the "Bird's eye view" on Bing Maps 
(http://binged.it/1E5iDJx might show  it) there is a wide grassy path opposite the boat ramp 
that is blocked by a  gate; the photo does not let me see the color of the 
gate but I presume it it  yellow.
> Roy Harvey
> Beacon Falls, CT
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