[CT Birds] Diving Behavior in Canada Geese

rcg at snet.net rcg at snet.net
Tue Dec 23 19:52:38 EST 2014

Yesterday, 22 Dec 2014, at approximately 1430 EST, I observed diving
in Canada geese (Branta canadensis) on the Millpond in Broad Brook, (East 
Windsor) CT.

I was so startled by this that I neither counted how many birds did this 
(guess 3) nor timed how long they remained submerged (guess 3-5 sec). These 
birds were not "dabbling" with their heads and necks in the water, and
arses in the air ... they dove! One even took a running start, like they do 
when taxiing for takeoff, took a little "hop" and plunged straight down
like a 
merganser. They are quite buoyant, so they surface like a cork.

I have only found  a single report of this behavior.

Anyone else?

rcg, Vernon, CT

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