[CT Birds] Bald eagles

Kevin kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri Dec 26 16:12:47 EST 2014

With the warm weather in all, I took a chance and headed over to Verplanck on the Hudson River. First off 2 adult hawks which I don't know who they were. By the time I readied the pod they flew off. My bad for not setting up at the car. When will I learn? Walking the path I checked on the trees where the eagles perch. Sure enough there he was. As my luck holds just as I'm read to capture it takes off. 0 for 2 now. Talk about being #^#/$ off.So I wait camera focused on a spot where I hope to capture it if one comes back. Waiting nearly an hour one circles overhead heads away from the tree then turning back.When it landed I noticed a whole fish (entacked). For the first few moments it was facing away from me. By now I had 5 other photographer's with me.Every now and then it lift it's head for robbers. Half way through the meal he or she dropped it. Now having turned around we had clear shots with no branches ruining the pictures. He cleaned it's beak, yawned many times and gave us
many 3/4 and frontal captures.After roughly an hour he figured he showed us enough and took off.

All in all there were 2 perched and 5 flyovers. 7 total. So despite the warm weather these guys are on schedule. I'd assune slowly the numbers will increase.  If we get any sustained cold I'm positive more will be spotted. Ice will help but that's a long ways off.

Using only a 300mm I am very pleased with what I captured.If Tamron will get it's act together the new 150-600mm will be super. It's there for Canon but not Nikon. The Canon users say for the $$$ this lens can't be beat.

So you people who asked for directions I'd wait another week or so then head over. For me it's less than an hour and today was perfect ... no wind and blue skies by the way it was a mature adult. 

Happy New Year and let's hope for good eagle weather. 

Kevin Doyle from New Milford, CT

Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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