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Sat Dec 27 17:16:05 EST 2014

Broad Brook Millpond (~1430-1510)
One Greater White-fronted Goose, mixed in with several hundred Canada Geese.
Many Mallards, mostly pairs.
A few Northern Pintails mixed in with the geese.
Common Merganser, two male and one female together.
Hooded Merganser, two male and one female together, and one isolated female.
The usual contingent of Ring-billed Gulls.

Union Pond, Manchester (~1550)
26 Canada Geese
A few pairs of Mallards
One female Hooded Merganser.
Four Great Blue Herons roosting together in trees on west side of pond.

Hockanum Crossing, Vernon (1610-1630)
Canada Geese on and near pond.
Pair of Mallards in little marshy area north of pond
Two Red-tailed Hawks perched on Power line to the north of the industrial

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