[CT Birds] EARED GREBE, Stonington

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 29 16:36:28 EST 2014

From Frank Mantlik, Tina Green , and Jory Teltser,
12/29 Stonington Point - we searched for yesterday's Pacific Loon from 2:00-3:20, with no luck. But we saw a distant grebe, first spotted by Tina, that appeared to be an EARED GREBE. It was about Horned Grebe sized, but had a distinctly pointed/ peaked head, a thinner neck, and darker throat than that of two nearby Horned Grebes. It was out near the right end of the distant breakwater that is straight out, and a scope was necessary. Also seen were 19 Common Eiders and usual other ducks and 1 Harbor Seal.

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