[CT Birds] Yellow-variant House Finch

Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Wed Dec 31 13:36:18 EST 2014

While admiring Mark's pictures from this morning of the Grasshopper Sparrow
and House Finch at Hammo., I noticed something interesting about the House
Finch: the tips of its bill are crossed!  I assume this deformity is a
genetic defect.  I'll pay attention to the bill shape on the house finches I
observe from now on, to see how unusual this is.  Coincidentally, we've had
a yellow-variant House Finch visiting our feeders fairly consistently over
the past few weeks.  I'll have to look carefully at that individual,
especially. My understanding is that the color of the male House Finch is
determined, primarily, by what it eats.  But, there may be some genetics at
work for a few individuals to be so yellowish-orange.  The color pattern
predominates in the US Southwest, from what I understand. 


Warm wishes for a happy and healthy 2015, and good birding, to all!


Chris Loscalzo,


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