[CT Birds] Happy New Year!

Jerilyn Duefrene kaymad143 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 20:41:01 EST 2015

Hi there,

I want to wish everyone here a Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year -
and another great year of birding!

My list is just from what was in my yard!

Goldfinch -1
House Finches 6-7
Red Bellied Woodpecker - 1
Mourning Dove - just 1
Northern Cardinals - a nice couple
Carolina Wrens - 2
Downy Woodpeckers - another nice couple
White Breasted Nuthatch - 1
Black Capped Chicadees - 2
Dark Eyed Juncos - yet another nice couple

While out on the road, I saw about 4 Turkey Vultures over Route 1 in East
Great Blue Heron - Hammo
Yellow Palm Warbler - Hammo

Good start for the new year!

I also met Paul DesJardins and that was great! I love meeting people in
person that I see on this list! :-)


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