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Don Crockett doncrockett63 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 14:11:39 EST 2015

I agree with Kevin Zak's request that people respect Snowy Owls by keeping
their distance but I wanted to clarify some details of local Snowy Owls
that may not be general knowledge.

Most of the owls that showed up last year were hatch-year birds whose
numbers were based on an abundant supply of lemmings in northern Quebec the
preceding summer. Almost all the owls trapped by Norman Smith at Logan
Airport over 30 years and Project SNOWstorm across the northeast and the
midwest last winter were in very good health as far as weight, etc. Almost
all owls that show up dead or at rehab facilities had some other ailment
affecting them: broken bones, parasites or disease. Snowy Owls along the
coast that were tracked via GPS transmitters by Project SNOWstorm were
primarily active nocturnally and were feeding on waterfowl not rodents
based on the amount of time their location was recorded over water.

I'll be giving a presentation at the next Hartford Audubon meeting on some
of the findings of Project SNOWstorm. Meeting details can be found at:


Here a blog post of mine on the Project SNOWstorm website that discusses
some tracking data of a coastal owl:


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