[CT Birds] Posting Snowy Owl Locations

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sun Jan 4 13:21:23 EST 2015

Well with what usually happens when these kind of controversies appear  
and I add my opinion, my Inbox fills up with responses and on both  
sides. Many are very articulate and courteous and others well, lets  
just say less than flattering! The majority of the responses I  
received today were very positive especially this one which I have  
permission to post and share with everyone. This response is right on  
the money as far as I am concerned! Maybe this will mend the  
unwarranted gap between birders and bird photographers both of which I  

Thank you Keith.  I am not sure I know how to post to the entire list,  
so I wanted to be sure to express my appreciation for your posting.   
The notion that any list or lister can control the behavior of others  
is ludicrous.  All we can control is our own behavior.  I agree with  
you and I think that most people don't know much, but just want to be  
thrilled by the sight of a beautiful creature.

As a photographer first (granted, with an awfully long lens) and  
birder second,
I am always grateful when someone educates me - it is how I have  
learned so much!  I spent time this summer in a Massachusetts town  
that had its first PIPL nesting and I could feel myself getting ornery  
and inpatient when people cane near the area with unleashed dogs  
(against town by-laws), so it is easy to get fired up.  As long as I  
was mindful to try the nicest approach first, things were fine.

The listservs are of great benefit to us all and to limit postings  
(and this happens occasionally as I am sure you know.. the birding  
greed that goes on, difference being it is not talked about openly) is  
contrary to fulfilling our responsibilities as stewards of sorts.  I  
have always felt so at home with my fellow birders, because there is a  
gentle and polite camaraderie that is ever present.  It is one of the  
few worldwide fellowships that engenders so much good will and respect.

Thank you again, and feel free to repost if it's useful.

Lucy W
Hingham, MA

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