[CT Birds] Disturbing birds

minor.craig minor.craig at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 4 13:27:54 EST 2015

I have to agree with Roy Harvey , birds shouldn't be disturbed just to get a good look or photograph. I feel the same way about wild animals , I guess that's why I haven't seen alot of the birds that have been posted on here. Usually the birds I see are birds I have seen while enjoying my other hobbies like fly fishing . Watching the birds seems to go along well with fly fishing. I'm not specifically going in an area and disturbing the birds. Also as a hunter I know creatures in the wild know you are there most of the time way before you know they are there , this is how they survive , but if you are quiet and non obtrusive the area around you will come alive again in a short while once the creatures birds included realize you are not a threat. Hope this helps sometimes I guess people don't think they are causing harm because it's not an environment they are in all they time. And the excitement of getting a peak Or a photo of a new bird overcomes them .    Craig -  vernon 

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