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I totally agree with Keith Mueller (below). The original  posting about  
Friday at Milford point had some validity, but I was there,  and everyone I 
saw who got close enough to the bird to flush it was a  photographer and NOT a 
birder. I say that simply because they had only cameras,  neither bins nor 
scopes. And the fact is, they will be there whether or not we  post, because 
they don't follow our rules and have their own grapevine for  information. 
For me, the other issue is, the "in" crowd in the birding  community will 
always know too, but the people who perhaps have never even seen  one and 
would appreciate it most will not even find out until a week after it's  gone. 
Last year when there were more  owls,  I really saw very little of what  
could remotely be considered harassment, and several owls were saved because  
people observed that the birds were in distress and took action to have them 
 rehabilitated. In particular, the one rescued from Long Beach was rescued  
because a man who is a photographer and not a birder called it in to a 
rehabber,  who subsequently went and got the bird. Everyone has an equal right 
to enjoy our  special winter visitors.
Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct 
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This all comes down to education! NOT everyone is a  subscriber to ABA  
and their "rules" of birding, and quite  frankly......ABA and other  
organized birding groups do not own these  birds. EVERYONE has a right  
to see, view and experience these birds in  any way they wish providing  
it is done with compassion and courtesy  for the birds. Many people  
with cameras wanting to take pictures of  the birds are not usually  
photographers just someone with a camera who  wants a snap or two of  
that bird. Probably the majority of them have  no idea about the  
delicate condition of these birds in their far from  home wintering  
grounds. Maybe in a polite way, these people should be  confronted and  
POLITELY have the Owls plight explained to them instead  of yelling,  
screaming and threatening them.

Yes, there are  irresponsible people out there, and we all have to  
accept that! That  being the case, we all shouldn't have to suffer  
because of a few  selfish people. This brings back the protracted  
debacle from last  years Snowy Owl eruption when the same "Owl police"  
came out to save  the Owl from ourselves! It was suggested that  
limiting viewing times  and closing areas should be implemented. It was  
also suggested that  dead rodents from other areas of the country  
should be imported and  strategically placed in "supposed Owl feeding  
areas" to help them  cope. I remember "self-appointed" Owl saviors  
running around with nets  trying to capture Owls to rush them to the  
rehabbers (assuming every  Owl was starving) when all that did was  
increase pressure on the birds  and add incredible stress to them!

Now here we are again, with  suggestions not to post Owl sightings  
because we humans are completely  irresponsible and too stupid to  
understand that we shouldn't even look  at these Owls because we will  
again add extra stress on them. I have a  better idea, why not just  
make all birding illegal!! It seems there  are more "conditions" and  
"rules" to birding than running a  business!

These Owls are a product of God and/or Mother Nature depending  on your  
belief, and they are EVERYONES to enjoy! If you want to help  the birds  
in this stressful time of year, maybe it would be better to  educate  
people rather than implement more stupid rules! Not posting  Owl  
locations is a very radical decision....what's next,  Rationing??

Keith Mueller

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