[CT Birds] Another owl view

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 4 14:34:34 EST 2015

 And....as if molesting snowy owls wasn't enough, here's a tidbit from the Waterbury Republican from New Years day.
Birders trample DunesBerkeley Township, NJAn interest in wildlife is threatening the dunes at a NJ state park.  Officials at Island Beach State Park say bird watchers trying to get good pictures of snowy owls are to blame for trampling dunes along the beach.  Park manager Ray Bukowski posted a plea on Facebook in December for people to stay off the dunes, where a single footstep can hasten erosion.  Snowy owls are a novelty along the Jersey shore.  They showed up in large numbers for the first time last winter when there was a shortage of food in some of their usual wintering spots.  They have returned this winter.  (From the Associated Press/Tribune News Service)
So, basically we all need to not only respect the owls, we need to respect where we walk when we do our birding.  I look at birding as another sport, such as baseball or tennis.  It's wonderful when you follow the rules.  You get good exercise and a new perspective of our world.  Done incorrectly, you get hurt and bring a bad name to those who do it correctly.  So, yeah,  look for the owls but mind your manners. Have fun, but remember we need to share our world with those who will come after us and want to see what may be a once in a lifetime experience.
Ricki SoucyMeriden

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