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Nobody should post on this board anonymously, particularly if it’s to express an opinion, as opposed to a sighting. I’m proud of this extended group for having a serious discussion about the fine line between enjoying and respecting our birds and their preservation, at the sake of our lost views/experiences. I, as one, would prefer to err on the side of a lost view in favor of giving the bird what it needs to survive, especially since we humans are a major (understatement) contributor to their environmental/climatological-based stress.

Barbara Garrett

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I am old, and crabby, and I also have no patience with folks who know
how everyone else should behave. They usually think that some new rule,
or regulation will "solve this problem."

The world I live in has more than enough rules, etc. and I really don't
my behavior circumscribed because there are idiots running around.

I do not behave as an idiot, and do not relish the assumption that I may be
idiot, therefore I should not be allowed to do certain things.

As long as I don't harass the owls, or any other wildlife, I really do not 
consider myself one who should decide how others should behave. Perhaps
is a flaw. 

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