[CT Birds] Info about another listserv which is currently restricting some sightings

Carolyn sailcarm at aol.com
Sun Jan 4 17:01:10 EST 2015

Hi all,  I am not going to weigh in on the mini controversy brewing right now, other than to say that we are a close knit birding community, much moreso than most bird listserv groups, and I hope this discussion stays respectful, which seems to be the case so far.

However, I do want to point out that a RI listserv known as Pollipie for several weeks will not be posting the sightings of uncommon or rare ducks such as Harlequin, King Eider, etc.  Apparently this is Polliepie's protocol during duck hunting season, please correct me if I am wrong. This policy is definitely "for the birds", and by that I mean for the sake of the birds.  

Carolyn Cimino

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