[CT Birds] Info about another listserv which is currently restricting some sightings

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Sun Jan 4 17:29:35 EST 2015

Hi Carolyn, Great topic! Yes Rachel decided to not post rare waterfowl  
on that email alert list to just as you explained to "protect" rare  
waterfowl during the last part of the waterfowl season.

I do have to add first that Harlequin Ducks on the Atlantic Flyway  
have been protected since 1988, you cannot legally take Harlequin  
Ducks. I can also shed a little light on this subject regarding "rare"  
or "desired" Waterfowl being reported on Listservs. I know many  
Waterfowl hunters and have known many for many years, in fact I was  
(not any more) an very avid waterfowler for 25 years myself. I can  
assure you and anyone worried about posting waterfowl on the listservs  
that all of the waterfowl hunters I know are far more in tune with  
what species of ducks and geese are around than the majority of  
birders. Waterfowlers spend hours and hours more time scouting  
waterfowl in the field from shore and have the added advantage of  
having boats; they scout from the water and cover greater distances  
usually far beyond the range of scopes.

The network of waterfowl hunters, waterfowl hunting guides and hunting  
Biologists is vast...far exceeding the normal birding contacts and  
listservs. Believe me, every waterfowl hunter I know, knows the exact  
location of just about every King Eider along the New England coast  
including many more that go undetected by birders, or where all the  
Eurasian Wigeon are. I give huge kudos to many of the waterfowlers I  
know that will not hunt in bird/birding sensitive areas because they  
respect the sensitivity issues surrounding hunting in those areas.

Also many species of ducks and geese are often seen on private  
property and closed areas out of the reach of waterfowl hunting. Yes,  
there may be a few who follow the listserv drooling over rare  
waterfowl sightings to try and use them to their advantage. But  
overall, I think this has become a big nothing issue. I think birders  
in this case are patting themselves on the back too much! As I  
mentioned before, most avid waterfowlers know more than most avid  
birders regarding waterfowl locations.

Keith Mueller

Quoting Carolyn via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org>:

> Hi all,  I am not going to weigh in on the mini controversy brewing  
> right now, other than to say that we are a close knit birding  
> community, much moreso than most bird listserv groups, and I hope  
> this discussion stays respectful, which seems to be the case so far.
> However, I do want to point out that a RI listserv known as Pollipie  
> for several weeks will not be posting the sightings of uncommon or  
> rare ducks such as Harlequin, King Eider, etc.  Apparently this is  
> Polliepie's protocol during duck hunting season, please correct me  
> if I am wrong. This policy is definitely "for the birds", and by  
> that I mean for the sake of the birds.
> Carolyn Cimino
> Waterford
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