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Are snowy owls really that hard to find? I ask that as a serious question.
It's really not hard to find a Snowy Owl. Go to a beach or look on farm
fields. I bird a lot. And by alot I mean hours a day and I have found more
Snowy Owls then any other of out owls. People need to police themselves. I
am not for the public lashing of photographers or birders by posting their
photos and license plates. It's easier to just have a talk with them then
having the "bird police" go into full force. Nothing is worse then when I'm
birding and another birder tells me where to stand or not to stand because
a certain bird will not come back. The best comeback is "oh did the bird
tell you that"? Birders are just as bad as photographers when it comes to
behavior so I hate when people separate the two groups. I am both.
Sometimes I don't take my binos with me so I guess I get labeled as a
photographer on those days. Let's all get along!

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> Hello All,
> What's wrong with a debate?
> From the get-go I was wondering why a Snowy
> should be treated any differently than a native?
> We know it behaves differently and is different
> but if an Owl is an Owl is an Owl why can we not
> give it the benefits of the native owls and not give
> away the location? If there is ANY reason to help
> them out from silly people chasing them down then why not?
> Just IMHO...
> Rodolfo Mari
> Mystic CT
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