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Mon Jan 5 07:57:03 EST 2015

Whether the rest period is typical or not I still argue that coastal Snowy
Owls are primarily resting/roosting/sleeping during the day. I haven't
analyzed the SNOWstorm data rigorously on this but the 3 Atlantic coastal
owls were rarely in the same spot for 2 consecutive 30-minute readings at
night but there were often large clusters of readings in the same general
location during the day (GPS readings aren't 100% accurate so it is not
always possible to distinguish between small owl movements and GPS "drift").

Maybe the rules could use "woodland owls" instead of "day-roosting owls" to
remove some of the potential confusion?

I'll point out that not all bird mailing lists have a prohibition against
posting sightings of woodland owls. ABA Code of Ethics says reports need to
consider the potential disturbance to the bird. Personally in a non-CTBIRDs
context I would generally be inclined to report non-nesting Eastern
Screech-, Barred and Great Horned Owl sightings; while not reporting
Long-eared and Northern Saw-whet. But I have no problem following rules
erring on the side of caution.

I'll also mention that Project SNOWstorm was originally posting the GPS
data for Snowy Owls within hours of the data being uploaded. But after a
couple incidents where bands of photographers were repeatedly flushing
"our" owls based on knowing their location from our reports we switched to
delaying posting the reports by 3 days, longer if we thought the GPS data
might lead to an incident with a more sedentary owl. But having tagged the
owls with transmitters that report location there is a different level of
responsibility in the subsequent welfare of the owl.


> Thanks for that. I believe your calculations can be re-stated as:
> "The percentage of the distance they traveled during the day compared to
> the total distance was 18%, 14%, and 10%?" That sounds like
> quite a bit of movement for a typical rest period.

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