[CT Birds] Day roosting Snowy Owls.

Phil Asprelli aspr82 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 5 08:47:05 EST 2015

I recall 3 years ago driving from North Haven to Norwalk to see a reported Snowy Owl. As soon as I arrived I saw the owl perched on a rock close to shore. As I was looking through my bins the owl suddenly took flight. I though it was departing for a distant perch. Much to my surprise, it "nailed" a rat closer to where I was, after which it took flight across the harbor, with the rodent secured in it's talons. 2 Great blacked-backed gulls were in pursuit trying to dislodge the prey from the owl  but the owl flew low and close to the water preventing the gulls from getting at the owl's catch. I'm convinced Snowys are constantly on the lookout for it's next meal.

Phil Asprelli
North Haven

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