[CT Birds] Hermit thrush at Haddam Meadows SP

Fritzandsheila fritzandsheila at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 14:16:33 EST 2015

FYI, there is no fish hatchery at Haddam Meadows State Park.  The yellow
gate opposite the boat launch merely blocks the old colonial era road
leading to town, which traverses a wetland via an elevated causeway.



Been there 3 times looking for the shrike without success, there is a
mockingbird consistently in the boat launch area, too, that looks similar so
beware. But did sees a HERMIT THRUSH near the small swamp just SE
(downriver) of the boat launch parking lot, with many bluebirds.


Harold "Fritz" Moritz

fritzandsheila at pobox.com


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