[CT Birds] Birds at West Hartford Feeder

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 14:51:44 EST 2015

Had two robins all day yesterday, but not seen today.  Bird mania this
morning in the steady snowfall, and still continuing in the sunshine.
Thrilled to see TWO Carolina wrens at the same time; Northern Flicker
whacking away at suet; 5 male cardinals at the same time; one female,
dozens of juncoes, chickadees, titmice, two or three white-breasted
nuthatches, 2 starlings, downy woodpeckers,  house finches, mourning doves,
2 song sparrows, one white throated sparrow; various other common
sparrows.  The Carolina wrens are now drinking and splashing in my heated
bird bath.

Katherine Kuckens

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