[CT Birds] The Field is waking up...

Elaine Taylor etbchs at aol.com
Sat Jan 10 08:22:18 EST 2015

Nothing rare but this morning the old orchard field beyond my back porch has come alive! The field is filled with brilliantly bright red male cardinals and some first year- females too. There are 14 plus right now. It's like the twigs and branches are dotted with color. And I can't see the females as well so I'm sure there's even more. There are also numerous American Robins (25 plus) dashing in and out of pines and wild bushes. A young White Birch tree was dotted with American Goldfinches who quickly assessed the field and moved on... Lots of Juncos, Mockingbirds, Bluejays and some unknown sparrows and/or wrens ( just too quick and hidden to ID) as well. If it's been quiet in that field for a bit, it sure isn't today! We'll see what happens when the 3 Hawks do their visit. ( Cooper ( Occasional) Red-Shoulder ( everyday) and Northern Harrier ( rare flyover).  
Elaine Taylor ( NW Bristol)

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