[CT Birds] Gyrfalcon

Michael mjpm3 at aol.com
Mon Jan 12 18:31:07 EST 2015

I should give more information on my sighting.

This bird was about 80-100 yards away from my car, maybe 50-60 feet high moving East to West. I pointed it out to Wanda to look at it. She asked me what is was and I didn't know. It was obviously unusual. I got my binoculars on it from in our car and still didn't know what it was. The bird was moving out of sight so I jumped out of the car and pulled out my scope. Thankfully, the falcon made 2 wide circles. Wanda saw this because I was getting out the scope. I relocated the bird and got the scope on it. Falcon was obvious and I thought it might be a Peregrine, but I zoomed in and could not identifying as a Peregrine. At this time a Herring Gull came up behind it and tried to harass it.  The gull came up from behind and came between 2-3 inches from it's tail then backed off.  It did this 3 times or more. The falcon did not budge and just continued on its way. I then lost sight of it. We checked a few more sights moving West. 
I have seen one other Gyrfalcon in flight and and this also helped me in my ID. 

This bird was not in a hurry and could still be in the area. We searched again on Sunday in the Stamford area with no luck.

Good luck,
Mike Moccio

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