[CT Birds] Wallingford linear trail

Mary Mushinsky marymushinsky at att.net
Tue Jan 13 21:33:27 EST 2015

Birds on Wallingford's Quinnipiac River Linear Trail were drawn out of 
the woods on this cold, blustery day by a friendly hiker who placed seed 
on tops of fence posts. They included:
mourning doves-7
b.c. chickadees-5+5
t. titmice-4+
downy woodpecker, male
hairy woodpecker, female
hermit thrush (on log at mile 0.8)
cardinals-4 (2 pairs)
w.b. nuthatches-4
tree sparrow
white throated sparrows-10 (near tunnel)
song sparrow
     and a couple of plump squirrels

Mary Mushinsky, Wallingford

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