[CT Birds] Hawks accepting handouts.

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Thu Jan 15 01:05:49 EST 2015

  val melnikov. 15:48, Milford Ct, West Main and Constitution. Heading 
south on W Main I spotted a Red Tail as it landed on the corner at the 
curb. I immediately pulled over to watch it. It just stood on the corner 
as if waiting for a bus. I craned my neck and saw that there was a 
squished squirrel on the  pavement. After the cars passed the hawk tried 
to pick up the carcass. it was unable to grab it up and I could see the 
squirrel was frozen to the ground. It could not make the pick and flew 
off. The hawk had perched up on a Handicap Parking sign right next to my 
car. I grabbed a pair of gloves and exited the car slowly. As I walked 
by we looked at each other, I introduced myself and it appeared quite 
ready to watch my next move. I walked over and picked the squirrel up, 
all the while talking to the Hawk. Finally I brought the carcass over to 
the grass and said ok Biff the rest is up to you. I walked back to the 
car. All the while I was being watched without a ruffle or a blink. I 
headed down to Fowler Fld. and came right back. The squished entrée was 
still on the ground and Biff had moved to a higher perch near Wasson 
Fld. I know watching someone eat is rude. I headed up to DD got a coffee 
and headed back, no more than 5 to seven minutes. When I returned 
squirrel gone, bird gone. I'm hopin for some good Karma.

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