[CT Birds] Tods Point Long Tail Ducks

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At risk of sounding preachy, and using this email as an example (there are many others that would serve equally well), I implore people posting to the CT Birds listserve to:

identify WHERE the bird is.  Not to pick on Lynnette below, but I have no idea what harbor she is talking about

NAME the bird -- Lynnette did this in her subject line

Please say what day/date/time you saw it, so others can plan trips to see them too

Give your own name and town, so folks will know who you are and can ask questions if needed (also, some birders are more reliable than others at IDs and names help).  Lynnette sort of did this -- what is “OG”?  Orange?  Old Greenwich?  Orchard Grove?

thanks so much

Sarah Faulkner

Collinsville, Ct

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Several on the windsurfing side of harbor

Lynnette Clemens, OG, CT

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