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Sat Jan 17 20:19:35 EST 2015

Passing along a bit more good news about the Painted Bunting.

 From Michael Lee, Patterson, NY
I was with Dave Winston in the morning when the Painted Bunting was not seen from next to the tennis court. I stayed after he left and a birder came out from the trail thru the woods behind where we were watching (from the back of the tennis court to Cove Road).  She saw the Painted Bunting briefly at about 11:40 and it flew in our direction, but we did not see it. I walked the short trail twice but did not see the bird. Another birder tried the trail about 2:00pm and saw the bird briefly. At my request he kindly took me to the exact spot. At 3:30pm I finally saw the bird in a low bush right next to the trail. If it had not been changing positions I would never have seen it.  Thank you to the birders who supplied help.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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There is an eBird report of the Painted Bunting today, from the afternoon.


Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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Hello All:

I was with a number of birders this morning till 11:00AM. No signs of the Bunting during my watch.
Plenty of Monk parakeets at my feeders in the morning to keep you company if you decide to try in the morning.
In the past the Bunting seems to have favored a 9:00 - 11:30 AM window. Although we have spotted him outside of that on occasion.
All bets are off if we have rain in the morning.

Dave Winston

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