[CT Birds] Red-tailed Hawk and Red-shouldered Hawk, Part V

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Mon Jan 19 11:38:49 EST 2015

Zeranski and Baptist (1990) write of Red-shouldered Hawk, “An uncommon and very local nester inland in dense wooded swamps, more frequent east of the Connecticut River valley.  Normally rare in winter but sometimes uncommon.  Historical Notes:  This species has dramatically changed in status in historical times.  Many of the wooded wetlands that it favored as breeding haunts have been drained or filled for housing developments or agricultural uses. . . A nesting decline was noted in the late 1920s and 1930s. . . By the late 1940s it dramatically declined as a result of wetland destruction and, later, pesticide poisoning. . . A substantial decline in wintering numbers was noted in the 1950s and 1960s, and it was nearly extirpated as a nesting species in Connecticut during the 1960s.”  Of Red-tailed Hawk, Zeranski and Baptist write, “It is a regular but uncommon nester inland.  It is variable in winter but usually fairly common.  Historical Notes:  This conspicuous buteo has suffered a long-term decline in Connecticut until recently. . . Since about 1965 it has increased in winter and probably has stabilized in summer.”  To be concluded.

Steve Broker

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