[CT Birds] Shoulders and tails

elphick at sbcglobal.net elphick at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 19 16:44:30 EST 2015

Steve et al.,

Statewide trends in red-shouldered and red-tailed hawks are shown in this summary of Breeding Bird Survey data (taken from our ctbirdtrends.org web site and also posted at #birdtrends):


The relatively more rapid growth of shoulders is apparent. Like Mark, I probably see more shoulders than tails in my day-to-day activities. On CBCs, though, I consistently see more tails. Not sure if the bias is that tails are more obvious on CBCs because they're in more open country habitats or that shoulders are more obvious in my daily existence because of where I spend most of my time. 


Chris Elphick
Storrs, CT

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