[CT Birds] Niantic River and bay

Emmayct at cs.com Emmayct at cs.com
Mon Jan 19 21:48:05 EST 2015

Niantic River was alive with birds albeit common ones. 
Many groups of Canada Geese coming and going.
At least 50 Swans in groups of 5 or 6
A cute group of Buffleheads who flew close enough for me to ID them from 
the Cini walkway on rt 156.
Many other ducks to far off to ID without a scope.

Then I walked to the boardwalk/Amtrak beach just south of the 156 bridge in 
I was enchanted by 4 Sanderlings running up and down the beach. They were 
aware of but unintimidated by the 5 or 6 dogwalkers. I positioned myself at 
the water line and watched them with my bins. One ran so close by me that I 
lost focus because it was too close. Had the impression it ran right over my 

Such a nice day to be out.

Maryann in Niantic


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