[CT Birds] Stonington Sandhill Crane

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Tue Jan 20 18:20:34 EST 2015

From Robert Dixon with Frank Mantlik, Frank Gallo and Maggie Peretto
1/20/15 - Stonington, Lambert's Cove and also Wheeler Road -  SANDHILL CRANE continues. Located this afternoon by Tina Green and Sara Zagorski at Lambert's Cove (viewed from St. Mary's Cemetery) and then relocated by Frank Gallo at 4:10 pm on Wheeler Rd.in the cornfield with the little white house in the corner. 
It seems the crane feeds in this cornfield and roosts on the cove. So if it's not in the cornfield (or you see it and it flies) check the cove ( head back down Wheeler Rd. to Flanders Rd. go right on Rte 1 and then left into the cemetery). The crane seems to favor the ice behind the waterfowl on the right side.
Others who observed the crane may have more to add. Hope this helps. Thanks again to Tina for her efforts to get everyone to the bird.

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