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Hi Elaine,
I'm not sure I understand your needs regarding  photo  sharing, but there 
are now many ways you can share photos (and other things) for  free via cloud 
storage or photo storage-and-sharing sites. Personally I use  "Dropbox" or 
occasionally, Microsoft's Onedrive. With either you can get several  
gigabytes of cloud storage basically just by asking and signing up (I presume  you 
must use a PC to get Onedrive). With Onedrive you must have a Microsoft  
account, which most PC users have or can have. Dropbox requires you to have a  
Google account I believe, but you only have to give them a minimum amount of 
There are quite a few photo sharing/storage sites and you need  to be 
careful with some of them, but 2 that I have used are Flickr and  Photobucket. I 
don't believe you need to be afraid with either one of them. I  imagine 
others have additional sites they could recommend. 
As to exactly how you can use this storage, restrict or  regulate access, 
etc. it varies with the service. When I share files with   the CTBirds list I 
leave access open to all and simply store the pictures, then  get a link to 
the folder in the Dropbox cloud. (The "Cloud" is nothing more nor  less 
than a centralized bank of servers with almost unlimited available   storage, 
obviously not on your computer, and you need an Internet connection to  
access it. Of course you can keep the originals on your computer if you want, (I  
do) but you don't have to.) 
NOTE: if you have concerns about who can see or use the files you put on  
any of  these services, read the User Agreements EXTREMELY carefully.
And one last point: DON'T put your pictures on Facebook or other social  
media if you have concerns about any of the above. Once you put them there 
they  are really no longer yours. And in some cases, you can't change that or 
take  them back.
Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct  
mntncougar at aol.com

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I have noticed that many of you  have secure sites where you can share your 
bird photos with the CTBirds  posters.  I have many photos I'd like to 
share-most in natural habitats/  behavior shots. Can anyone recommend a site, 
process or application.  I can  not use HTML or other programming languages to 
run a website. I need an upload  and post type thing that is secure, free 
and invite only. Maybe something that  allows for notations as well. Thank 

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