[CT Birds] Rough-legged Hawk, Hammo shorebirds

Florence McBride fmcb_warbler at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 20:04:30 EST 2015

1/21 - Circle Beach Road, East River marsh, Guilford:  Arne Rosengren and I were pleased to see a light-phase Rough-legged Hawk land on a telephone pole by Circle Beach Road near the boat launch lane at about 12:35 pm.  Several other people saw the bird after that, as it flew to the roof of one of the houses near the lane, and then to an adjacent rooftop.  I don't know how long it stayed around, since we had to leave.
	A brief stop at Hammonasset had been rewarded a little after noon with views of large numbers of sandpipers on the breakwater and nearby beach.  Arne estimated that there were at least 200 Dunlins, and I counted 11 Purple Sandpipers.  Sanderllings and Ruddy Turnstones were also present, and it was very satisfying to hear so many birds calling and to see them flying around and foraging.  (High tide at Madison was a little after 11:30.)

Flo McBride

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