[CT Birds] Diving ducks at Poquentanuck Cove Estuary

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sat Jan 24 06:23:59 EST 2015

Friday the Thames River and Poquetanuck Cove (Gales Ferry) are both unfrozen before sunset allowing for a brief survey of waterfowl here despite choppy currents which have the birds submerged unless changing locations. Upwards of twenty hooded mergansers in several spots and less than half that number of red-breasted mergansers with similar distribution.  Some buffleheads and about twelve common goldeneyes were moving between the river and the cove, plus an additional family of common goldeneyes with four juveniles inside the cove.  Eight herring gulls of different stages searched the river for food.  Mallards maintain a healthy presence here.
One red-tailed hawk soared crossriver from the woods.  One hermit thrush briefly paused near the rail tracks.
Four mute swans stay concentrated in the center of the river above the Trading Cove eating vegetation.
One male common eider in winter plumage surfaced aside several common goldeneyes, raising himself and flapping his wings several times.  I did not miss his display but turned to watch some red-breasted mergansers surface to cross the river towards Trading Cove with one juvenile male common eider surfacing twice and following their flight.

Brian Williams

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