[CT Birds] Lost one Carolina Wren

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Hi, Kat!
According to Cornell's All About Birds site, Carolinas will mate for
life. But they will also form bonds during any time of the year (not
just spring). So yours may be in a transitional stage, calling to see if
it can get a response from its lost mate - and if not, then calling to
attract a new one.
They are sweet (and scrappy!) little birds. I doubt the remaining one
will be alone for long. Males and females "duet" with each other. After
you hear the male sing his "teakettle-teakettle", listen closely for an
answering chatter/rattle call, which usually starts toward the end of
the male's song and continues a bit beyond it - that's the female
responding. When you hear that, you'll know he's found a new friend.
:-)  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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After seeing a happy, scrappy pair of Carolina wrens at my feeders every
day since Thanksgiving, suddenly there is only one. I am so sad to think
that one was taken by a hawk or cat. I could still hear the remaining
high up in the trees, calling. Then a few days ago one returned to the
feeders. Question: is the remaining wren desperately calling for its
mate, or is it calling to attract a new mate?

Kat Kuckens
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