[CT Birds] Blank Posts

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sun Jan 25 14:00:48 EST 2015

At least two posts to CTBirds came through today with blank message bodies.  Let me try to explain what might be happening.

CTBirds is text-only.  Plain text, no fonts or fancy stuff.  Think typewriter, not word processor.  Most email these days includes fancy stuff that CTBirds can not handle.  It might be HTML, or Rich Text, or something else.  Normally such messages have TWO copies of the message text.  One copy is just the basic text, the other includes all the fancy stuff.  CTBirds throws away the fancy copy and just uses the plain text copy.

But some email programs used to send messages to the list LEAVE OUT THE TEXT COPY, and ONLY have the fancy copy.  CTBirds strips off the fancy version, leaving... nothing.  A blank message.

Some email programs have settings you can use when composing your message to make it simple text.  At least one birder on the list has to use a different tool on his phone than the one he usually uses to send email.

There are so many possible email programs, and so many settings, that I can not begin to advise anyone on their particular situation.  The bottom line is that there has to be a plain text copy, as that is all that goes through.

Wishing it wasn't so,

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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