[CT Birds] Hudson

Kevin kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sun Jan 25 18:40:23 EST 2015

Plenty of ice all harbors frozen chock or float ice is out to the shipping channel's.  Coast Guard up & down. Saturday incoming tide Verplanck iced from east to west.  Matter of 1 1/2 hour river completely open. Few eagles floating north. We checked the tide tables to catch the incoming tide today ... hardly any we assume due to wind and varying conditions. So off to the pier where over the coarse of several hours no less than 50 eagles were counted. Many fishing and immatures stealing them. Several great flyovers 300mm the lens of choice ... the 600 - 800 mm gave those folks fairly decent captures of interaction.  

Fairly decent day ... sunny yet windy but bearable. Fantastic sirus clouds predicting the storm.

Later in the week may work but we're thinking Super Bowl Sunday ... if like last year we hope not to loose. Last year that was the best day of the season.

New Milford Kevin
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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